War and Peace Show

It’s coming back!

The War and Peace Show will be held on the 25th – 29th July 2023.

At the Hop Farm, Maidstone Rd, Beltring, Tonbridge TN12 6QF.

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The War and Peace Show overview

War and peace 2023
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What’s on

War and Peace Show Trade Stalls
War and Peace Show Military Vehicles
War and Peace Show Living History
War and Peace Show Home Front
War and Peace Show Music
War and Peace Show Arena
War and Peace Show Veterans
War and Peace Show Flyovers

Show map

Take a look at the showground map. Tip: hover over the red icons to learn more.

Show Maps

The Marquees

The War and Peace Show boasts a large array of day and night entertainment across the event. Take a look at what’s on in the marquees.

Marquee Logo Victory
Spitfire Marquee
dance lessons

On site safety notice

• Military vehicles are, by their nature different from normal vehicles. Driver visibility is often restricted, so please remember that a driver might not be able to see you. If in doubt, keep your distance from moving vehicles.
• Please listen to the announcements and obey instructions of the officials and vehicle escorts.
• Tracked vehicles are fascinating to children, especially when on the move, but remember, tanks bite. Please keep children away from ANY moving vehicles and keep within the protective barriers.
• The vehicles and equipment on display are all privately owned. Do not touch or climb on the vehicles or get into them unless invited to do so by the owner.
• Please do not touch any weapons on the displays.
• Be aware that there will be loud explosions and gunfire in several of the arena action events.
• You must stay behind safety fences at all times.
• If you need assistance at the show please ask a show official or a member of the security team.
• Dogs must be kept on leads at all times and cleaned up after
• Keep to the 5mph speed limit on the showground at all times.
• While we want you to enjoy the licensed bars around the showground, DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE