Show safety rules and regulations

The War and Peace Show is a very friendly, relaxed and informal event, with the minimum of rules and restrictions. However, your co-operation with our simple safety and legal requirements is greatly appreciated. We would be grateful if you would please take a minute to read the following and abide by the guidelines we have set out.

All Military Vehicle Entrants

Upon entry to the show please ensure your wristband is visible.

Arrival for Exhibitors and Traders

You may start arriving as of the Thursday prior to the show opening to the public, departure must be by the Sunday 5pm unless previously arranged.

Person Passes for Exhibitors

Wristbands will be issued on arrival to each individual. Please ensure these are worn by yourself and your guest or assistant at all times. Should your partner/guest be following in a support vehicle they must report to booking in for issuing of their pass. Extra passes will be available at booking in at a cost of £30 per adult.

Public Camping/Accommodation

There is public camping on site for non-exhibitors, you may start arriving as of Monday prior to the show starting.


The nearest fuel station is in Paddock Wood or the Petrol Station on the A228. No fuel transference may be carried out.

All Exhibitors, Visitors, Traders and Campers

Please ensure you follow the appropriate road signs for your booking in entrance. Arriving at the wrong entrance will entail being redirected and will delay your entry into the Show.

Exhibitors/ Static Displays/ Campers

On arrival please report to the booking in trailers where you will be provided with your welcome pack. At this time you may settle any outstanding bills with the stewards prior to you moving onto the site to your allocated area.


On arrival please report to the booking in trailers where you will be looked after by the stewards. Any outstanding accounts can be settled here prior to you being taken out to your allocated pitch area.


Dogs are allowed on site but please ensure they are kept on a lead and cleaned up after.

Noise Restrictions

This event has been issued with a Premises Licence, however the Licence has strict conditions attached relating to Noise. This means that all exhibitors and participants to the show must comply with the following noise restrictions for every day they are on site:

No gunfire, explosions, incendiaries etc. during the evening/night (i.e. between the hours of 18:30pm of one day and 10:00am of the next day)

No noise-emitting military equipment, e.g. air raid sirens, blank firing weapons, pyrotechnics, etc. during the evening/night (i.e. between the hours of 18:30pm of one day and 10:00am of the next day)

No loud noise or music between the hours of 23:00pm on one day and 10:00am of the next day

Please respect and follow any request made by Officials or Security Officers in connection with noise issues. Any individual found to be breaking the above restrictions may be removed from the show and site and, if applicable, be responsible for the cost of any subsequent fines imposed by the local authority.

Without a licence the War and Peace Show would not be possible, so please play your part in helping us to protect the future of this event by being considerate neighbours to local residents.

10 M.P.H. Speed Limit

Is applied within the showground. No unauthorised moving of vehicles during events. Drivers are to obey instructions from Officials and their Assistants. No transference of fuels to be carried out. Under section 1, 2 and 3 as amended by the Road Traffic Act of 1991 you could be prosecuted for driving recklessly at this type of event.

4 x 4 Course

All persons wishing to take their vehicles on the 4 x 4 course do so at their own risk. The decision of the 4 x 4 marshals will be final. We request that you work with the marshals in this area. Opening times are 11.00am to 7.00pm Tuesday to Saturday.


Only vehicle mounted weapons or those, as part of a static display will be allowed on site. These must remain secure at all times and must comply with current H. M. Govt. regulations. No weapons are to be carried around on the site. NO BLANK ROUNDS or PYROTECHNICS may be brought on site unless pre-arranged with the organiser. In the light of public opinion the organisers must insist that ALL WEAPONS brought onto the site for display or sale must comply with CURRENT U.K. legislation. Anyone found to be disregarding this request will not be re-invited to attend. Please ensure that you follow this request to assist in keeping the reputation of War & Peace as being a “Family Show”. Thank you.

Arena Events

We hope that you will take part in some of the many varied events throughout the shows 5 days. These special themed events are a popular and integral part of the show. It is a great opportunity for you to display your vehicle in action in front of vast admiring crowds. The arena events are fun and designed to involve all types of vehicle. As usual there will be a few surprises, full details of the arena events will be in the show programme which can be bought at the show on arrival or pre-ordered with your entry ticket for collection on arrival.

Displaying Your Military Vehicle

It is requested that if you are displaying your vehicle while sleeping in a tent or caravan, that you leave all your domestic applicances to the rear leaving your Military Vehicle clearly parked out in front, this will only enhance the overall quality of our show and your assistance would be greatly appreciated.


It would be very much appreciated if you would place your litter in the bins provided and upon you finally leaving the showground deposit all litter in the bins/skips provided, or take it home with you.  Also throughout the show period there will be a rubbish collection service.


To be used only when adequate fire-fighting equipment is available. It is suggested that all vehicles carry a current working fire extinguisher.

Fire Extinguishers

Due to the new Health and Safety guidelines, we must insist that all traders have a suitable working fire extinguisher on their pitch. Booking in will check this on arrival. Stalls will also will be checked for fire extinguishers during the show.


This information is being posted as a result of an incident in 1990 in which a small mortar round of World War I origin fired whilst being cleaned causing serious injuries. Previously the mortar had been thought to be explosively inert as the percussion cap showed an indent where it had apparently been struck correctly by the firing pin at some time in the past. Examination of similar items from other sources indicated that a contributing factor to the ignition of the charge was the deterioration of the percussion cap case allowing the chlorate ingredient of the cap to make contact with the sulphur ingredient of the gunpowder propellant. As such mixtures age they tend to become increasingly sensitive to ignition by friction or percussion and may explode with far greater violence than gunpowder alone.

Many otherwise stable explosive mixtures can become sensitive with age or if they make contact with incompatible materials due to deterioration of their immediate containers. Such items may not only become more sensitive to impact but are also liable to spontaneous initiation, especially in the case of old or badly stored propellants.

All ammunition kept as samples souvenirs, patterns or in museums should be examined by competent personnel to ensure that all components of the ammunition are free from explosives of all types. Whenever possible each item of ammunition should be individually referenced and traceable to a “free-from-explosives” register identifying who certified the ammunition as inert and when. If possible, it should be made self-evident that the explosives have been removed from inert rounds eg by drilling a hole in cartridge cases once the propellant has been removed. Items should be clearly and indelibly marked as having been checked. The markings should be unique to the establishment concerned. Where items are generally available to persons other than the keeper a record of “free from explosives” certificates should be maintained.

It is recommended that all ammunition is checked again by a competent person immediately prior to disposal. All ammunition sent for disposal should be accompanied by a statement from the consignor that it has been checked and is free from explosives.

Tracked Vehicle Movement

All movement through the site must obey the 10 M.P.H. speed limits unless you are in the Arena where 25 M.P.H. applies. Do not enter the 20 ft crowd safety zone. All passengers to be seated in appropriate seats, not on vehicle turrets. Under section 1, 2 and 3 as amended by the Road Traffic Act of 1991 you could be prosecuted for driving recklessly at this type of event if it was considered you have endangered the lives of other exhibitors or members of the public.

Vehicle Movement

Vehicle movement is to be kept to a minimum. No vehicle movement is allowed in the trade stand area on show days between the hours of 8.00am and 6.30pm. There is also no vehicle movement in the pedestrian area at any time, unless part of an organised display pre-agreed with the Organiser. Only persons licensed to drive may operate vehicles. Children may not ride motorcycles, quads, etc. during the show days. All Entrants must abide by this. Emergencies excepted unless pre-arranged with the agreement of the Organisers.

One-Way System In Operation to: Access To And From The Site

Exhibitors are able to move around site in the vehicles freely, there is no vehicle movement in the trade area after 08:30 and before 6:30pm. Emergencies excepted unless pre-arranged with the agreement of the Organisers. Any mechanically propelled vehicle not displaying a pass will be stopped by Officials.


There are no objections to the wearing of ALLIED uniforms, providing no decorations or badges of rank are worn to which the wearer is not entitled. AXIS uniforms may be worn as part of a static display or an arena event, but not around the site. The organisers continue to appreciate your co-operation in the above. Please be respectful at all times.

Car Parking

There are dedicated Support Vehicle parking areas on site. You are required to park any vehicle not part of your display or not on your trade stand in the appropriate parking area once you have unpacked and set up. We have had a great number of complaints that too many non display vehicles are parked up on site detracting from the displays. Vehicles will be towed to a parking area if inappropriately parked, causing obstruction or in a display or trade stand area after 8.00am. The only exception will be disabled persons vehicles displaying a current blue badge. You are welcome to use bicycles to move around the site, if ridden with care. Children may not ride motorcycles, quads, etc. during the show days.

Vehicle and Camping Security

This show is open to the general public and they will therefore have access to your vehicle. The organisers can accept no responsibility for loss of, or damage to, your vehicle or its contents. In these circumstances we strongly recommend that you avoid leaving your vehicle completely unattended during the show. Should you wish to do so, we suggest that at the very least you arrange for someone with an adjacent vehicle to watch yours and upon return check your vehicle, not only for any loss or damage, but also for any suspicious package that may have been placed in, on or near your vehicle.

Refuse Collections

Refuse will be collected from the stall area between 8.00am and 9.00am, then 6.30pm and 9.00pm each day. Elsewhere around the site there will be numerous static refuse bins and a mobile team working from 9.00am to 6.00pm.


Must conform to the current Health and Safety Regulations and the Electricity at Work Regulations. This includes ground spikes (earthing). Any cost incurred ensuring that your generator complies with current legislations will be at your own expense.

The Smoke-Free (Premises and Enforcement Regulations 2007)

As of 1st July 2007 a NO SMOKING ban has been introduced into England as law. This legislation carries fines for both the smoker and the person in charge of the premises. These fines are £50 and £200 respectively. We request that you obey any signs that inform a smoke free area. These areas will mainly be enclosed buildings and doorways to these buildings.

Fire Safety

On site fire emergency response is provided by , a 24 hr stand-by team of fire-fighters from the RAF, Local Authority, and Industrial Services.

The crews are not there to take the place of the local Fire Service, but are on hand for that initial response. In some emergencies, seconds can make the difference between life and death!

To make your show as safe as possible, the team are happy to offer advice on any matter relating to Fire Prevention, so please feel free to pop over and have a chat. If necessary, we can inspect your campsite to check that it is safe. Advice costs nothing, so please come and see us if you have any doubts over safety.

With the show organiser’s permission, we do have the power to enforce fire regulations. Usually, there is no need for confrontation, but if we do see a breach in complying with the regulations then we will have no hesitation in reporting the matter directly to the show organisers. That said, we enjoy an excellent spirit of cooperation with all show goers, we know you, and you know us, which is what makes this set-up so successful! Above all, please have a safe and enjoyable show!

Using two ex-Local Authority Dennis Fire Appliances, the crews have responded to a variety of emergencies in the past. They carry with them a wide range of specialist equipment enabling them to deal effectively with whatever situation presents itself, be it Fire, Rescue or Special Service. Their specialist knowledge of the showground and many of the vehicles and associated risks contained on it mean that they can get to work very quickly indeed.

Kent council Fire Service have advised that all stall holders should fit their stall with a Fire alarm.

Medical Safety

On site medical emergency response for this year’s show will be provided by Medics Plus.

Medics are pleased to be providing a 24hr FIRST AID, AMBULANCE & MEDICAL service in support of this year’s show.

The treatment centres are shown on the map and if you have any medical needs during the show please do not hesitate to contact them.